Can Teleoperation outperform human presence? We believe so, and that's our mission!

When you drive your car, you do not need to see your right wheel to navigate through narrow spaces. By using ""Natural FOV""​ in our projections, we can create the same feeling for remote operators, and hence increase productivity during teleoperation, also for very delicate work tasks.

Voysys develop a 3D render engine that is optimized for ultra low latency. Using our embedded streamer, low end-to-end latency may also be accomplished over WIFI, 4G or 5G networks.

The render engine also allows for rendering of high-resolution gigantic screens including cylindrical and spherical domes. Thanks to our flexible 3D editor, Voysys customers can create flexible screen layouts optimized for fleet monitoring and/or teleoperation. The operator can quickly switch between several screen presets in order to use the best one for the current situation.