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And that concludes this year

Published 10 days by Frans Johansson.

The Media Technology Days of 2019 are now over and we in the MTD-group would like give our most sincere thanks to everyone who participated in making these two days a success. Pictures from the...Continue reading

Day two draws near

Published 14 days by Frans Johansson.

The second day of the job fair is almost upon us. There will be a number of new companies today, so make sure to take a stroll around the fair. Just like yesterday there will be a couple of...Continue reading

And we're off!

Published 15 days by Frans Johansson.

Today we have opened the doors to the fair and the Media Technology days of 2019 have officially begun. Two days packed with interesting companies, lectures and competitions await everyone who make...Continue reading

One week remains...

Published 23 days by Frans Johansson.

until we open the doors for the Media Techonolgy days of 2019 and welcome everyone from the curious students and hard-working hosts to the interesting companies and lectureres to the fair. We in...Continue reading

Pre-MTD has started

Published about 1 month by Frans Johansson.

The sun has now set on the first day of Pre-MTD. But fear not, for there are still three more days to come of inspiration, competitions and opportunities to get your ticket to the banquet. Make...Continue reading

We are now an eco-labeled event

Published about 1 month by Frans Johansson.

The Media Technology Days 2019 have just like the previous year achieved the eco-label from Håll Sverige Rent. This means that we will continue to focus on environmental awareness as well as making...Continue reading

Apply to be an MTD host!

Published 3 months by Frans Johansson.

We need your help to make MTD 2019 as good as possible. Apply to be a host and be a part of two amazing days at the fair while you also get the chance to make some valuable contacts for the...Continue reading