Media Technology Days


For MTD we have scheduled K4 with exciting lectures. Learn from our lecturers experiences or get inspired by their stories!

All the lectures are in K4.

Wednesday 21 march


08:30 — 09:00 Loungen
Breakfast is served in the lounge.

Welcome speech

09:00 — 09:15 K4
The MTD group welcome everyone.
Nicholas Fernholm

Automation is not the solution. It's the tool.

09:15 — 10:00 Nicholas Fernholm
Nicholas is a great lecturer and expert in implementing innovative products in existing processes. His lectures are inspiring and entertaining, focusing on the biggest factors affecting the future's labor market and working methods.   He is...Continue reading
Kahin Akram Hassan

Getting a Ph.D. - Why and How?

11:15 — 12:00 Kahin Akram Hassan
Information Visualization focuses on the use of visualization techniques to help users understand and analyze complex data. However, the techniques used need to be evaluated in order to find out their usability and how users reach insight with the...Continue reading
Walter Naeslund

Engineer, entrepreneur, advertiser, hippie

14:15 — 15:00 Walter Naeslund
Walter Naeslund is the founder and CEO of the Stockholm-based advertising agency Honesty. Honesty has been Sweden's most profitable agency for several years, has been awarded multiple times, and is responsible for the concepts behind Halebop,...Continue reading
Annika Bidner

Window towards the TV world

16:15 — 17:00 Annika Bidner
What do people think is most important when they watch TV and video? Is the cell phone starting to take over video watching? What programs work in TV but not online? How much should be automated and personalized? Can SVT Play measure with Netflix?...Continue reading

Thursday 22 march


08:30 — 09:00 Loungen
Breakfast is served in the lounge.

The first job

10:15 — 11:00 Paneldiskussion
Kristina Engström, Patrik Jutterstöm, Alexander Johansson och Ida Aasa all have different experiences and they will tell, discuss and answer your questions about their first job and the leap into the working life. They give a perspective on their...Continue reading
Sofia Wennström & Aron Tornberg

Virtual environments at Stiller Studios

14:15 — 15:00 Sofia Wennström & Aron Tornberg
What does MT do at one of the world's most technologically advanced movie studios? Where is the boundary between real and virtual filmmaking? How do you party at KTH? Making movies is expensive, not least given the environment in which the film...Continue reading
Ulrika Asplund

How one of the world's most modern TV boxes came to life

16:15 — 17:00 Ulrika Asplund
Ulrika will talk about how to develop software for one of the world's most modern set-top boxes. How is it to work with developers with 20 nationalities located in 5 different countries? What is required to be certified by YouTube and Netflix?...Continue reading