Media Technology Days

Media Technology Days 2019

April 3 - 4


10.00 - 16.00


10.00 - 15.00

Färgeriet, Kåkenhus


The Media Technology Days are two days with inspiration, a fair, hundreds of students and companies from the industry. Here, you'll find everything you need to know about the days.

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Cygni grundades med visionen att skapa den bästa arbetsplatsen för en skicklig och ambitiös systemutvecklare. Vi har vunnit titeln Sveriges Bästa Arbetsplats 5 år i rad och dessutom vunnit titeln...Continue reading


Pre-MTD has started

11 March, 2019 by Frans Johansson.

The sun has now set on the first day of Pre-MTD. But fear not, for there are still three more days to come of inspiration, competitions and...Continue reading

We are now an eco-labeled event

8 March, 2019 by Frans Johansson.

The Media Technology Days 2019 have just like the previous year achieved the eco-label from Håll Sverige Rent. This means that we will continue to...Continue reading

Apply to be an MTD host!

28 January, 2019 by Frans Johansson.

We need your help to make MTD 2019 as good as possible. Apply to be a host and be a part of two amazing days at the fair while you also get the...Continue reading

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Meet People

We bring students and companies closer together. An excellent chance for everyone to meet new people and network with each other.

Get Inspired

Throughout the years we've hade many exciting and inspiring lecturers, talking about the future, present and past of media technology.